Which Destination is Right for you?

Perhaps this antiquated map of a flat earth will help… beware the sea monsters!

With TEFL jobs available in over 40 countries, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which destination is right for you.  Most people dream about a life abroad in a specific place, say Phnom Phen, Mykonos, or Barcelona. And if you know exactly where you want to go, more power to you! I’m sure you’ve been thinking about this for a long time. But others might not be so sure. This article is for you: my middle of the road crowd, ye indecisive fence sitters, darling Dithering Darrels and Irresolute Irinas.

Like anything else you do in this short life, you should have a purpose before you begin. If you haven’t had the luxury of backpacking across continents the idea of moving abroad alone might seem a bit intimidating. But let me assure you the only thing you missed from sleeping in some hostel’s cramped dorm rooms was the sounds of strangers snoring and the urine reek of small town train depots. 

First thing’s first. The internet is your best friend! If you’re at all like me, it’s your only friend, but in this case it’s a useful tool. If you took last week’s article to heart you’ve spent some time thinking about why you want to travel. So you’ve searched your soul, and in addition to meeting Mediterranean hunks, you want to do social work of some type abroad. This could potentially steer you in the direction of under-developed countries. Charity work abounds in some places more than others, head over to globalcharityjobs.com and see where you can be helpful. 

A wealth of opportunities should open up to you. But there’s more to consider! Climate isn’t the first thing to pop to mind when one thinks of travel, but it will be one of the most important factors affecting your journey.  A fair skinned blonde might want to consider the implications of refugee work in say, Yemen. The UV exposure in sub/tropical locations can have severe repercussions on your health. Let’s say languages are your thing, but you’re from South Florida. You’d do well to consider the implications of a Mongolian winter.

Health should be another consideration. No one really talks about this, but chances are you going to get ill within the first month you travel anywhere. Don’t draw up your will just yet, but your body will be exposed to new pathogens and germs you have literally zero natural defenses against. Take some Pepto, you will get bubble gut. But more importantly, head on over to travel.state.gov to see which inoculations you’ll need for the part of the world you’re planning on seeing. Keep in mind, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and dengue fever are concentrated in certain parts of the globe. Act accordingly. 

Here’s another tip you only gain through experience. COSTS FLUCTUATE WILDLY!!! Do you like Game of Thrones? Wanna live amongst the Vikings? Well, a glass of beer in Iceland will cost you about $15 at the bar. So unless you’re from Manhattan or San Francisco, you’ll need to create a budget to accommodate expenses in more developed countries. The great thing about being an American abroad is that it’s usually the other way around. Your dollar will go to amazing lengths in certain countries, and is nominally more powerful in most places.  

Lastly, take a vacation. That’s right, you deserve it! No, seriously, the best way to find out if you’re compatible with a place is to simply spend a week there. Let’s say you take one of the carefully designed, no expense spared courses from TeachAfar because you want to teach in Costa Rica and see what remains of the Rain Forest before it’s all gone. (And unfortunately, it will be all gone in our lifetimes.) If you can get the time off work, fly down there for a week. Experience the culture, eat the food, camp in the wilderness. If you can’t handle the heat, the bugs, and the flavor over a week, you might want to consider somewhere more pedestrian and first world for your move. At the very least, you got a vacation out of it!

Until next week friends.

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