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The TeachAfar blog is looking for contributions. Not a teacher? No worries! We started this company because we love traveling. And while the digital age has opened up so many avenues for remote work, we had to learn all our tricks the hard way back in the bad old days of talking to people face to face. So if you work abroad, live abroad, or vacation abroad, we want to hear your stories. Give us your tips and tricks, your money savers, your wild nights out, the unique experiences and perspectives one can only gain waking up ten thousand miles from home and marooned by a language you don’t necessarily understand.

Contact us at with your article, essay, or story. Alternatively, click the Submittable button below. If we like the cut of your jib we’ll publish it on our blog and spread it via social media. Include pics if you got ’em. Thanks, and happy travels.

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